Start Server x1000

    Launch date: 11.08.2023 - at 20:00 Server time.

    No introduction of unbalanced Donate.
    "Less Donation, More Fair Play."

    About the server:
    Version: Season 6 Episode 3
    Experience rating: x1000 - x100 Dynamic
    ML experience rating: 10%
    Drop Rate: 30%
    Max Level: 400
    Max Level ML: 400
    Max Stats: 32000
    Mu Helper: from level 1
    Guild Creation: Level 350
    Max number of players in guild: 20
    Max Guild Alliance: 3
    Elf Helper up to: 25 reset
    Max Reset: 100
    Max Grand Reset: 10
    Max 3 accounts from the same IP
    MG-DL-RF available from: Level 1
    Reset Auto for Vip Platina
    More information can be found in the Guides x1000


    2023-07-30 22:11


    Good afternoon dear Players of the server CHAOS MuOnline!
    Some changes have been introduced today, namely.

    - Added the Word Game to the site

    the rules are very simple.
    You need to compile a text from the available letters, the letters must not be repeated.
    1) If you enter the word correctly, you will win 20Wcoin
    2) If you enter the word incorrectly, you can lose 5 Wcoin.
    All words collected from all MuOnline items or cards good luck to you.

    - Changed the system in the game "question answer" to "Text speed"
    You will now have to type the word that appears on the center of the screen the fastest to win.
    - Changed the Starter Kit for beginners, now the whole kit is given for 48 hours.
    - Brought back PayPal, you will now be able to donate again via a method that is convenient for you.
    That's all for now, thanks for your attention, have a nice game.

    2023-07-20 22:06


    Small rebalancing of the game class Magic Gladiator

    1 - Up Two Weapons Damage Rate by +15%

    2 - Up Damage Rate PvP To all classes +15%

    3 - Up Plasma Storm Damage by 5%

    4 - Up Physic Damage by 5%

    5 - Up Attack Success Rate by 7%

    6 - Up Physic Speed by 3%

    7 - Up Defense Success Rate by 6%

    8 - Up Defense Success Rate PvP by 6%

    9 - Up Character Defense by 2% 

     - Added the ability to upgrade your item's options more information >>> https://youtu.be/31RReUw5FuQ .
     - Added a few items to the web shop (with limited options)


    2023-07-16 21:19

    Make way for the new players!

    Hello dear friend, do not pass by.
    Come to us on the server x10, and get a starter package for beginners,
    what is included in the package will be described below.

    - Set to your game class.
    - Starting Skills
    - Small Wing
    - Ring with extra experience +100%
    - VIP account Silver for 3 days
    Will be glad to see you and your friends on our server.
    Only new registered players get the whole package.


    2023-07-14 22:09

    Grand Opening #[10 HARD]

    The server has just opened up hurry up and break into the Top.

    Server Features:
    Game Version: Season 3
    Experience Rate: x10 Hard
    ML experience rate: 5%
    Drop rate: 30%
    Max Level: 400
    Max Level ML: 400
    Max stats: 32000
    Mu Helper: from 1 level
    Create a Guild: Level 200
    Max qty. players in the guild: 10
    Max qty. guild alliance: 0
    Max Reset: 30

    Creating classes:
    DL -1lvl

    Stats per Level:
    BK - 5 Point (After completing Marlon's quest+1 point)
    SM - 5 Point (Having completed the Marlon quest + 1 point)
    Elf - 5 Point (After completing the Marlon+1 point quest)
    MG-7 Point
    DL-7 Point

    Website Features:
    Character Market
    Achievement system
    Web shop
    Return of purchased items in the web store
    Buying a VIP status
    Voting system
    System Invite a friend with good rewards,
    Suitable for Guild transitions as well.
    Hiding Character Information
    Ticket system communication with the administration
    Latvian,Russian and English language support

    Server features:
    New cards until season 15.
    New item sets until season 16.
    New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 - 6 levels.
    New crafts to create - new stones, pets, sets, weapons, wings.
    New Ancient sets all sets of 5 pieces Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
    New Munn system with pets, horses, wolves, birds.
    New Ghost Fenrir and Horse Season 15, upgradeable.
    New jewelry season 8.
    New skill tree for season 10.
    New shields for season 15.
    Lots of bosses and events - (read more in FAQ [x10] )
    New game panel with sections - Event Time v2, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.
    New effects of new things, weapons, wings, bosses.
    Support for right mouse click to move items.
    Five additional chests.
    Displaying spots on Minimap.
    Support for Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.
    Support pvp options on all things.
    OffHelper - AFK system, offline leveling with item pickup.
    Game quest system 150 tasks, with the ability to get everything
    By playing, without donation.
    Additional NPCs with quests.
    VIP system with increased exp drop, and for cooking items.
    Guild chest.
    Guild Buff.
    Upgrade system
    Roulette and much more....
    About Donate to Server [x10]
    Of course, the Administration thinks about the balance and interest in the game,
    we know that the introduction of imbalance items for donations
    disrupts the interest in the game among the majority of players, and therefore we
    We promise not to introduce anything imbalance,
    and no Full Options items in the store. (NEVER) 

    Donate at Start:
    1) At the start, a web store with simple things will be available,
    not disturbing the game balance, with the possibility
    return all purchased items for 100% of the cost.
    2) VIP account that does not violate the game balance.
    By donating on our server, you provide the server with advertising
    and innovations.
    3) Replenishment of shops once a month, which will have a good effect on the balance of the game
    replenished store will agree to the analysis of available items on the server.
    Of course, we do not want to enter donations, but we have no other choice,
    after all, no one will voluntarily pay for server advertising, or rent a virtual server. 

    Why is it worth playing on server?
    - Administration support 12/7
    - Active surveillance of the server, and the players who play dishonestly.
    - Possibility to get everything through the Game
    - High-quality customization of Monsters and Bosses
    - Lots of events
    - Balanced entry of things for donations
    - NO shadow donation - this means that the Administration
    Nothing secretly draws for $.
    - The administration listens to the opinions of the players about the quality of the server.
    - Good balance of characters.
    - Well balanced Gold Party.
    - Stable server operation (with the exception of force majeure events on VDS.)
    - Minimum bugs.
    - Fix flaws 1 time per week
    - NO Bot System, only the real one online.
    And much more, come and wait for you and your friends.

    2023-06-12 21:09

    Server Has Been Opened