Start Server x1000

    Launch date: 06.10.2023 - at 20:00 Server time.

    No introduction of unbalanced Donate.
    "Less Donation, More Fair Play."

    About the server:
    Version: Season 6 Episode 3
    Experience rating: x1000 - x100 Dynamic
    ML experience rating: 10%
    Drop Rate: 30%
    Max Level: 400
    Max Level ML: 400
    Max Stats: 32000
    Mu Helper: from level 1
    Guild Creation: Level 350
    Max number of players in guild: 20
    Max Guild Alliance: 3
    Elf Helper up to: 25 reset
    Max Reset: 100
    Max Grand Reset: 10
    Max 3 accounts from the same IP
    MG-DL-RF available from: Level 1
    Reset Auto for Vip Platina
    More information can be found in the Guides x1000


    2023-07-30 22:11


    Good afternoon dear Players of the server CHAOS MuOnline!
    Some changes have been introduced today, namely.

    - Added the Word Game to the site

    the rules are very simple.
    You need to compile a text from the available letters, the letters must not be repeated.
    1) If you enter the word correctly, you will win 20Wcoin
    2) If you enter the word incorrectly, you can lose 5 Wcoin.
    All words collected from all MuOnline items or cards good luck to you.

    - Changed the system in the game "question answer" to "Text speed"
    You will now have to type the word that appears on the center of the screen the fastest to win.
    - Changed the Starter Kit for beginners, now the whole kit is given for 48 hours.
    - Brought back PayPal, you will now be able to donate again via a method that is convenient for you.
    That's all for now, thanks for your attention, have a nice game.

    2023-07-20 22:06


    Small rebalancing of the game class Magic Gladiator

    1 - Up Two Weapons Damage Rate by +15%

    2 - Up Damage Rate PvP To all classes +15%

    3 - Up Plasma Storm Damage by 5%

    4 - Up Physic Damage by 5%

    5 - Up Attack Success Rate by 7%

    6 - Up Physic Speed by 3%

    7 - Up Defense Success Rate by 6%

    8 - Up Defense Success Rate PvP by 6%

    9 - Up Character Defense by 2% 

     - Added the ability to upgrade your item's options more information >>> https://youtu.be/31RReUw5FuQ .
     - Added a few items to the web shop (with limited options)


    2023-07-16 21:19

    Server x1000 Grand Opening