Restart x10

    Hello Dear Players!
    In connection with the loss of Online, it has been decided
    Restart Server x10, if you have any suggestions
    On the server, or comments can write about it 
    On the forum, Telegram or Skype.

    2023-03-12 13:23


    For questions about the OBT x200
    contact Telegram


    2023-02-20 23:13

    News # 1.4 [x1000]

    Good day dear players!

    Today was added a set for Beginners
    - starter set, weapons and magic
    - Vip platinum for a new registration


    Enjoy the game!

    2023-01-30 11:20

    News # 1.3 [x1000]

    By popular request of the players,
    auto reset has been added to the game
    which allows you to comfortably boost
    character, even if you have no time at all.

    Command for auto reset:

    /reset auto 1 1 1 1

    Auto Reset with automatic stat allocation,
    where "1" is the number of stats in the respective section,
    then your character will reset, and pump points for you.

    This command is only available with VipPlatina.

    2023-01-26 23:07

    News # 1.2 [x1000]

    Good day dear Players!!!

    Yesterday some changes were introduced,


    • updated anti cheat

    (If you see trouble logging in, reinstall the client game)

    • Fixed a bug with the top Voters.
    • Fixed an issue with the currency.

    At this point, all, enjoy the game, you and your friends.

    2023-01-26 09:25