News [x10 HARD] [ # 3.0.1]

Good day dear CHAOS MuOnline Players.

Small portion of updates [x10]

1) GM appeared on the server (nickname -ATLANT[GM] )
2)Web Shop will be replaced on 18.08 at 20:00 Server Time.
Web Shop is updated every month

as it was agreed from the start of the server.
So far, everything I can please, but this news,
will be supplemented as more innovations, or fixes.

Sorry for the translation, translated by Google))

2022-08-17 15:21


Good day, dear CHAOS MuOnline Players.
As you may have noticed Server Administration, the last
1-2 weeks did not introduce active actions on the server, due to personal respectful
I assure you, no one scored on the Server, in the near future I will
I will try to roll out some updates if you have critical comments
in terms of server improvements, you can send a private message in Telegram.

Web host update

- Today 14.08 at night the Web Host was updated
updated to be more efficient.
Thanks to the players for supporting the server,
and assistance to the Administration in the form of donations.

The Web Host is responsible for the operation of our Site.


By template:
1) your login
2) rating on which you play.
3) details about the problem you found.

Then all yours (bugs, problems, shortcomings on the server)
will be written out in a separate list, considered, what is possible
fix will be fixed.
Have patience, the administration is trying, can't break,
to all servers at the same time, at the moment active work is being carried out on the site
and x10 server, then other ratings will be rolled.


Add-on: [BANS]

Well, everyone's favorite "Cheaters" do not remain without attention

Thered x1000 cheat program (no details)
DarkKen x1000 cheat program (no details)
DarkBuff x1000 cheat program (no details)


These users were blocked for a reason,
all the necessary evidence was collected, after which
The decision was made to block.

Of course there are other candidates
but until sufficient evidence has been collected,
but sooner or later the secret becomes clear.

Thank you for choosing CHAOS MuOnline.

P.S (простите если что переводил Google)

2022-08-12 08:55

News [x10 HARD] [ # 3.0 ]


Good day, dear
I hasten to inform you about a small update on the server.

A new rule for Guilds has been introduced:

- Guild Owner of King Mu territories, not entitled to own Land of Trials.
Likewise for Turnover, a Guild Owner of the Land of Trials is not eligible for King Mu.
In case of violation of these rules, the Guild will be deprived of all territories, honors and awards.
Guild(OldGang) has been released from ownership of the Land of Trials.

Land of Trials Changes:

- Added Guild Buff [V2] +30% Exp, activated in Guild's group
of 3 Players or more. (only works on the Land of Trials map)
- Added +2 Monsters to Spot = Total (9 monsters)
- Increased the amount of Respawn Erohim in Land of Trials.

Newbie Kit Changes.
- Added to the existing set, ring and pet Skeleton for 3 days.

That's all for me, thank you for choosing CHAOS.

2022-07-28 14:41

News [x10 HARD] [ # 2.9 ]


Hello Dear Players, the Update will be installed today at 22:30,
with a server restart, what changes will be indicated below.

1) Replacing the skin of the map of the city of Lorencia
(to replace the card, you need to download a new client).
2) Replacing skins 2.5 wings (BK, SM, Elf, MG)
3) The splash screen before choosing a server has been removed,
which caused lags and irritation.
4) Removed 1 NPC quest for house stones, increased the number of monsters to 3000
to complete the quest at the NPC for stones of all kinds,
changes were made for balance purposes.
5) Reworked ans set options (Corvus Dark Phoenix, Toxico Grand Soul,
Deus Holy Spirit, Virtus Thunder, Calidus Glorious.
6) added the ability to add pvp options, wings, and jewelry through the site
7) The Stadium map has been removed, Aida will become the new non-pvp map.
8) Returned Battle Royale event details in the FAQ
9) Added 90 more Questions to the Event "Question / Answer"
For a full update, you need to completely exit and update Launcher.

2022-07-21 01:51

News[ x1000 ] [ # 1.0 ]

GRAND OPENING Server [x1000]  
5/August/2022(Timer on the WebSite)

About the server:

Version: Season 6 Episode 3

Experience rate: x1000

ML experience rate: 10%

Drop rate: 30%

Max Level: 400

Max Level ML: 400

Max stats: 32000

Mu Helper: from level 1

Create a Guild: Level 350

Max qty. players in the guild: 10

Max qty. guild alliance: 0

Elf helper up to: 25 reset

Max Reset: 100

Max Grand Reset: 10

MG-DL-RF available from: Level 1


Site Features:

Market of things


Achievement system

Web shop

Return of purchased items in the web store

Buying a VIP status

Voting system

Hiding Character Information

Ticket system communication with the administration

Russian and English language support


Game Features:

New cards until season 15.

New item sets until season 17.

New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 - 6 levels.

New crafts to create - new stones, pets, pentagrams, sets, weapons, wings.

New Ancient sets all sets of 5 pieces Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.

New Socket weapon sets shields.

New Munn system with pets, horses, wolves, birds.

New Ghost Fenrir and Horse season 15.

New jewelry season 8.

New skill tree for season 10.

New shields for season 17.

New No PvP Labyrinth map 49 spots.

New bosses, events - Evomon Evolves, Demons, Eggs, Arca War, Acheron Guardian, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Ferea Crystal Orb, Crystal Stone, God of Water, Bloody Witch Queen Gray, Abyss King Bahamut Boss, Sockeye of Phoenix Boss.

New game panel with sections - Event Time, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.

New effects of new things, weapons, wings, bosses.

New Pvp events Team vs Team, Guild vs Guild, Battle Royale, Championship.

New Marriage System.

New Marathon Event.

New set of things Marafon Kit.

New Armagedon Kit.

Party search system.

Search store system.

flag system.

New event timer system.

Golden Archer with exchange of stones for Goblin poinst currency

Lucky Coin System

Online reward

Support for right mouse button click to move crossbars.

Five additional chests.

Items of the element system.

Combo for all classes.

Displaying spots on Minimap.

Support for Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.

Socket items up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent.

Support pvp options on all things.

Off PvP command /offpvp - The command works only on the maps Lost Tower, Tarkan, Kalima 1-6, Karutan 1-2.

OffExp - AFK system, offline boosting.

OffHelper - AFK system, offline leveling with item pickup.

Game quest system 200 tasks.

All valuable game currency WC is available for completing quest tasks and various events.

VIP system with increased exp drop and brewing items.

Guild chest.

Auto reset system.

More information about the server can be found in the Knowledge Base section.



The purchase of VIP status and Wcoin currency will be available on the day the server is launched.

X-shop with casts, pet tickets, etc. Will be available on the day of the server launch.

Prize for Winning Castle Siege Event (10000Wcoin) GM Guild

We do NOT have Guild Transfer prizes

2022-07-16 11:12

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